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Golchin Industrial Group

Golchin Manfacturing began its activity in the field of producing the wooden applications in 1996. Due to its close relation to its customers and for meeting their needs,it gradually began to produce hygiene tools and products such that after passing a few years, it could be converted to one of the greatest manufacturers of steel tee handle and types of tee in the country.

Now,possessing over than 150 personnel in the designing , manufacturing and commercial departments, this complex is active and results are due to the favor of god on one hand and attempt and effort of managers and hardworking personnel and loyal customers of this complex on the other hand . the vision and mission of this complex is specially attending to international and regional markets besides producing the desirable and high quality products for domestic users.

By god willing,we hope playing a small role for promoting the national industry and economy together with other national hardworking producers to promote Iranian and iran s name nationally and internationally.

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